Gavin Templeton's In Series is a project assembled in 2011 to document the music that Templeton composed while living on the west side of Los Angeles. During that time, his wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and the challenges surrounding that event became musical inspiration for him. In Series is an album that reflects a broad range of moods, capturing the imagination of the listener, allowing them to quietly reflect within.    

Album Personnel:

Gavin Templeton – alto saxophone
Perry Smith – guitar
Matt Politano – piano
Sam Minaie – bass
Matt Mayhall – drums

Released October 8, 2013

Album Credits:

All music composed by Gavin Templeton (ASCAP) 
© Gavin Templeton Music (ASCAP) 2013 

Recorded at Westlake Recording Studios, 
Los Angeles, CA on August 28, 2011 
Produced by Gavin Templeton 
Sound engineered by John Baffa 
Assistant sound engineer - Steve Rusch 
Mixed by Sam Minaie at Birdfood Studio, NYC 
Mastered by Nate Wood at Kerseboom Studios, NYC 
Album art and photography by Eron Rauch

Gavin Templeton "Interlude #1" live at Blue Whale, Los Angeles

"In Series" CD Release Show

Gavin Templeton - alto saxophone
Larry Koonse - guitar
Matt Politano - piano
Dave Robaire - bass
Matt Mayhall - drums

Recorded on October 15, 2013 at the Blue Whale, Los Angeles, CA 
Audio and Video by Alex Chaloff